Bat Exclusion

On March 3rd, Duane and I started a bat exclusion job. It was a big job, so we took it a section at a time.

First, Duane patched a few possible entry points inside the home, t
hen we focused on the back porch, patching holes and installing exclusion devices.

We had to get a bit creative because we were working with rounded surfaces. 

I configured a couple of cone shaped funnels that seemed to do the job - the bats came out at night and couldn't get back inside.

Thankfully, we're working for wonderful people who appreciated their resident bats, just not inside their house. They were very willing, though, to let the bats have their own home. 

Duane installed a large bat house purchased from - very well constructed and built using specifications set by Bat Conservation International.

On our next visit we removed the exclusion devices and patched the hole, permanently sealing the entrances. Check out the before and after shots below.


Duane started work on the front of the house, patching a few holes near the roof and on the front porch, and installing exclusion cones.