Mother of Five Evicted

When Duane and Rebecca of Wildlife Emergency Services aren't out rescuing animals on their own time and dime, they're busy helping resolve human-wildlife conflicts - which helps support their charitable endeavors.

One recent job involved a mother raccoon - a mother of five, that took up residency in the space between the bathtub and walls of a home in Freedom, CA.

There was no way to reach the babies, except through the walls. Duane drilled a couple of holes in the drywall to gain access to both sides of the tub, and encouraged the mom to move on. Once she was under the house and blocked from re-entering the den, he pulled out the kits.

The babies were placed in a large cardboard box insulated with balled-up newspaper, and the box was set right by the main access to under the house - the one the mother raccoon used nightly.

There, Duane installed a one-way door to allow the raccoon to get out, but prevented her from re-entering.

Check out the video of the eviction process:

That night, the family watched as the mother raccoon came for each of her babies, and carried them off to an alternate den site.

Raccoons are amazing creatures. If you haven't seen this PBS program, Raccoon Nation, be sure to. It will open your eyes to the unique and amazing world of the raccoon!