Look what can happen

Look what can happen in one afternoon!

On August 7th, a group of Carmel Valley Garden Club members, Tom Gano, Greg Thompson, Bob Byrne, Ed Morrow, Dean Hatfied, and John Brocco, gathered at Ed Dickson's house to build a few barn owl nest boxes. 

Using Humane Wildlife Control's unique design, the men constructed 6 owl nest boxes by the end of the day. Peggy Dickson provided refreshments and lunch.

Barn owls are excellent hunters. They predate mostly on small rodents - mice, rats, gophers and voles. Once established, they are fairly sedentary and will remain in an area their entire life, producing an average of 4-6 chicks every year - sometimes twice a year.

One barn owl chick can consume the equivalent of 12 mice per night, so having a pair of resident barn owls on your property is a great way to control rodent populations naturally. 

Contact us for instructions on building a suitable Barn Owl Nest Box or for installation pricing.

This Maserati had 'possums inside...

This afternoon we received a call about opossums in a car at a body shop in Morgan Hill. Workers needed the animals removed before they could make the necessary repairs.

Apparently, two young opossums had made a nice nest in the engine compartment while the car was not in use.

When we arrived, the local animal control was just leaving (empty handed).

Workers at the shop were extremely helpful in assisting us in locating the marsupials. We had the car lifted and the shields removed. One ran out during the process, and was captured. The other was found hiding on top of the exhaust pipes.

We had help from mechanics who used pressurized air to encourage the animal in our direction.

Both animals were released that evening in their home territory.

Herding deer

Today, our team helped herd 6 mule deer from a wooded property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Thanks to all involved, it was a success! Yay!