What do you think about coyotes in Laguna Beach?

There's a proposed plan before the City of Long Beach to increase trapping and killing of coyotes - blanket trapping in early spring to kill the pregnant females, and in fall to kill off the young of the year. 

Apparently, this plan was offered by Animal Pest Management - a pest control company that had been contracted with the city for its services but has since (a week or so ago) been terminated. The city replaced APM with Critter Busters. 

Critter Busters was hired to exterminate coyotes for the City of Seal Beach - gassing them. In this article councilman Michael Levitt regrets approving the contract with Critter Busters when he learned how the animals suffered when killed. 

What do you think about coyotes and the plan to increase trapping and killing? If you live in the area, please take our survey. This survey is for residents of Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods and Aliso Viejo.

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