Mouse in the house

I just have to share good moments, working with people who share our compassion for animals.

This morning, one of our clients called to give me an update. We'd rodent-proofed their home over a week ago, sealing up all the gaps and possible intrusion points and making sure there weren't any large animals living under the home.

Then, we started the rat and mouse removal process, which involves setting live-catch traps in the crawlspaces. The animals are trapped alive and set free just outside. It's a wonderful process because these little guys actually help us do our work! Who better to check that we've done a good job sealing up a home than the little guys that know just how to get back inside - if they can.

Live-catch traps need to be checked every morning so animals caught during the night don't suffer in a cage too long. Our trap rental agreement requires traps be checked and animals released by 10:00 each morning. We offer daily trap checks, but we're more than happy to let residents do this portion of the process, as these homeowners had chosen to do.

After a couple of days using a small rat-sized cage trap, our client called to report the bait inside the trap had been taken each night, and one time the trap had been tripped but there was no animal caught. Clearly we were dealing with smaller, lighter creatures.

We switched out the rat-sized live-catch trap for one made with smaller mesh.

Finally, they captured and released two mice!

Then, a day or so later, they saw an even smaller mouse - maybe a young one - easily capable of squeezing through the bars of the cage. For this little guy, a multi-catch live trap was needed. We wouldn't be able to get them the trap for a day or so, so we suggested leaving some healthy food for the little one - a piece of apple, carrot, maybe a bottle cap of water. They were more than happy to do so.

It's so nice to work with people who are kindhearted, wanting to protect their home but not wanting to harm the animals, not even a mouse.